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About Us


Houston Responds was born out of relationships. When Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, congregations responded. They also began working together. These working relationships grew into coalitions of churches coordinating recovery efforts. Houston Responds formed to support these coalitions, launch others like them, and connect them in a network of relationships, one with vast potential to expedite recovery and eventually address other crises as well.

Other crises soon came in the form of a pandemic, racial strife, and more storms, which only magnified other community needs. Congregations responded, and coalitions mobilized to address a broadening range of issues from food insecurity to race relations to remote learning technology deficits for under-resourced children. It was natural for local church coalitions to see loving their neighbors as not just preparing for the next disaster but identifying critical needs in their communities and collaborating to meet them. Coalitions have continued to launch and grow. Their collective potential to help families and their communities go from surviving to recovering and thriving has grown as well.

We long to see our city flourish. Having studied and learned from other networks and city movements around the country, we are even more convinced that a relational network of interconnected churches and partners across every community of Greater Houston is an essential part of fulfilling that vision.

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To unite, empower, and mobilize churches to multiply collective impact on critical needs in their community.


A coalition of interconnected churches and partners in every community of Greater Houston working together, loving their neighbors, and transforming their city. 


Learn more about who we are and what we do in our Annual Updates.

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